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BBR News - January 2014
From The Editor -
Robin Hofmann
Ringing in the New Year is time of reflection and
celebration. Saying goodbye the yesterday, cherishing
the memories made during the past year and looking into
the coming 365 days with renewed hope.
2013 was a wonderful year for BBR, which marked a
milestone of one decade of service to our barrel racing
family of members, producers, staff and sponsors. It has
been a record breaking year! 2013 saw the BBR exceed
even its own expectation with the largest and richest BBR
World Finals we have been graced to host to date.
2013 saw our Regional Challenge Tour flourish, with
numbers of attendance higher than ever before at each of
the Regional Challenge Finale races.
2013 will be remembered by many barrel racers as the
year the first BBR qualifiers took place on the road to the
World's Richest One-Day Rodeo, RFD-TV's The American.
BBR's participation in The American brought about the
formation of yet another set of BBR sanctioned events
that broke records of attendance for those races.
A year like 2013 doesn't happen by accident. It
involves passion, vision and LOTS of HARD WORK. And
because of those things, we are Thankful for this past
year, 2013.
We are Thankful for the Regional Challenge Tour and
the many independent Producers who hosted the double
points/double qualifiers races. We are Thankful for
RFD-TV and The American. Because of these two sets of
individuals, 2013 brought BBR many new friends and new
members, most of who are one and the same. During this
past year the BBR membership has swelled to its highest
number ever. The BBR fan base and more than tripled in
size. Our Better Barrel Races Facebook page grew from
appx 10,000 Friends last January to over 35,000 today,
January 1, 2014.
I, for one, am most Thankful for those I get to work
with daily for because of them this job never feels like
work. Thank YOU to all the BBR Sponsors. I have come
know so many of you and think of you more as friends
than as clients. And because of that closer relationship
it becomes a mission to never let you down. Thank YOU
to my BBR Partners and our BBR Staff, for without them
none of this would be possible. To Ross Wright and Sharla
Penick, Thank YOU for holding the fort down, for keeping
the machine moving forward each day...opening the
mail, processing the membership, approving the races,
managing the results, designating the points, answering
the ten's-of- 1000's of calls, emails and questions. To
Dottie McLeroy, Thank YOU for getting the BBR News on
track and elevating it to the vision we had for it. You have
done an amazing job with our digital magazine...from
managing the content, to designing the cover, to putting
together a layout that flows, to designing the kick-@$$
ads. To Destry Fleming and Mary Etta Cochran, Thank
YOU for keeping us on track fiscally and financially...for
keeping an eye on the bottom line and making sure we
are working within our means. To Corky Barder, Steve
Wright, Bobby Prestridge and the Pinpoint Staff, Thank
YOU for managing the web site and keeping all things BBR
up to speed and accessible to the members and the office
And so we bid a fond good-bye to 2013 and Hello
to 2014, The Year of The Horse, and for a barrel racing
association that can only mean it will be a year of great
things. For BBR it already means the formation and
introduction of the Futurity Riders Guild. It means
beginning today (January 1
the creation of the Select
Stallion Stakes, which will launch with this issue of the
BBR News.
2014 will see one more American qualifier on the
18th of Janaury in Buckeye, AZ before we move on to the
American Semi-Finals in Mesquite, TX and The American
Rodeo in Arlington, TX on March 2nd. It means plans are
The Year of The Horse